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Over the last 5 years I have had the pleasure to work with this group on many levels of Real Estate service. They have been EXCELLENT in terms of quality, on time completion , design and concept , and most of all INTEGRITY! Those 20 or so projects we have worked on finished at 100% plus of what was promised every time .

Keith Tate

I have known Frank Lindsay in a business capacity since 2011. In that year we made a trip to Phoenix, AZ to test the waters for properties that needed a rehab to either trade or as a rental property. Frank relocated to Crofton, MD in 2012 and successfully began renovating properties, primarily in the Prince George’s County area. The work done, both interior and exterior was excellent to say the least – so much so, since 2012 I have done 3 properties with Frank as my Acquisition Officer and Project Manager.  I have kept 2 properties as very successful rentals, while the 3rd we did as a joint venture and resold.

I can thoroughly recommend Frank as he has considerable experience in buying, selling and rehabbing properties and can offer you a verbal and/or written testimonial on request, anytime.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me directly at jeremye787@gmail.com for further information and details I can supply you with regarding Frank’s great work.

Jeremy Embleton

Ive known Frank Lindsay and Lucia Martinez since 2013 when we first started doing business together.  Over that time I have supplied granite counters and full kitchens for their residential remodelling business, formerly Marlin LLC and now trading as OMG Property Solutions, LLC.

During all of our business transactions over the last 4 year period,  I have found Frank  and Lucia to be, reliable and trustworthy.  Their customer account is always paid on time.  They are always friendly and  very open minded when it comes to planning and designing their kitchen layouts.  We have a great collaborative relationship.


Ben Chen, ICE Granite.

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